2017 Sail Melbourne International Commences

The Port Phillip is where the action has kick-started for the Sail Melbourne International 2017 and day one was a really hot one. It was time for the Olympic classes to take the field on Day one of this event. The 2017 Sail Melbourne International will be on until December 3rd. The temperature for the first day of action was 35 degrees and it was a hot day in the waters for most of the sailors. The breeze in the morning was dull and the boats had to wait a long time for the ideal breeze to commence to get racing.


Almost all the Olympic classes were able to compete in two races despite the slow start of the event. The multi-hull sailors were lucky as they got a chance to complete three races. The windsurfers were the ones who had to be content with just one race for the opening day.

Carrie Smith, the 470 Olympian, said that the heat was too high for him and it was a Melbourne shocker. The breeze did take its time to come and he and his mates had to sit in front of the air-conditioner for a few hours. But, their day on the waters was a satisfying one. Once the wind picked up, the race management team was very swift in getting the race started.

There are over 330 competitors taking part in this year’s Sail Melbourne International and the sailors from Sweden, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Bermuda, USA, Hong Kong and Malaysia are taking part. There is a strong contingent from Asia taking part in the race in Melbourne.

The sailor of Malaysian Laser, Nur Shazrin, said that the weather in Melbourne is more or less similar to what they experience back home in Malaysia. He and his team do not like the cold weather and sailing here is always fun. He stands in the fifth position after two races. He was very happy with the show he displayed on the opening day.

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